Circulr is a Loopring DEX frontend.


Circular is a Loopring DEX frontend without accessing to users’ private-keys. Users can trade ERC20 tokens with others by scaning order QR code.

Circulr is not responsive and is designed for desktop browsers only. You can try it out on https://circulr.loopring.io.

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1. npm install
2. npm run start

Note:node version < 10.0.0

run for develop with a https dev server

  1. cd node_modules/af-webpack/lib/dev.js
  2. find serverConfig at 84 line
  3. add https: true in serverConfig
  4. npm start
  5. vist https://localhost:8000 (Note: https)


  1. clone our project to local and cd the directory

  2. build project

    npm run build
  3. sign up for your firebase account(if you already have one, please continue to step 4)

  4. install firebase-cli

    npm install -g firebase-tools
  5. deploy

    firebase  deploy